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How we work

There are basically as many ways to work on as there are companies. We believe that personal contact is important, and that it is preferable to call a call too much than too little. Therefore, for example, we have a dedicated contact for each customer who is responsible for your particular products. To many of our customers, it's almost like having a colleague.


In order for a cooperation to be successful, a stable foundation is needed. Therefore, work before starting is at least as important as the actual delivery of the product. We are working on a few different steps to ensure that everything works smoothly when we get started.

Pilot study

Before we start

We analyze your needs and where you can make improvements. We check which features and methods are needed. We also create the routines needed for your products.


Control of functions

We make sure that connections are correct. Packaging ordered. Routines are checked one last time. Staff trained.

Continuous control

Accounting and recalculation

We provide ongoing feedback on deliveries and stock. Continuous updates on prices and delivery methods.


Presentation of different customer types like DC Syd has helped solve their logistical problems.

Medium-sized e-commerce

In this case, the customer already has an established e-commerce on-site, with a larger customer base and in-sales sales.

The premises used by the customer became too small, and two options were considered; either move to new premises and hire more people for handling the goods, or outsource the activities of a 3PL actor In expansion, there are several factors to consider.

Many E-commerce companies today have very large volumes of volumes, where a campaign or popular influencer promotes one's product can be a success one night. This makes the need for scalability considerably greater today than it was ten years ago. And when the capacity is filled, you may move the focus from selling even more to helping to pack shipments, and may fail to "slip while the iron is hot".

Of course, it can also go elsewhere, sales are drastically reduced by a specific product. The staff previously needed may now become superfluous for a period of time the room you have acquired will be too big and the shipping volumes will go down.
Instead of focusing on sales and brand building, all time is spent on fire extinguishing and calculating.

At DC Syd you only rent the space you need. Staff need not be recruited or terminated. We provide the resource you need, and focus on what the business is essential, ie marketing and sales.

Thanks to our well-established routines, cost-effective premises and favorable location, we can offer you affordable solutions. Contact us and we will analyze your needs and return with a quotation proposal!