Everything that makes your everyday life easier

We strive for our customers to basically only need a supplier to turn to. Among other things, it can be difficult, like managing the waste collection at your office or pushing your children to school, but most of the other we have solutions for. And if we have not completed the solution, we'll find something new.


Actually, we can help you most of the time

Outsourcing is popular. And of course we also live according to the devis. But sometimes it can be too much of the good, and supplier management takes valuable time from other. Why not let us do all that? Allow any other hunting delivery times or lost packages. Or, take charge of customer complaints, and make sure your invoice is actually paid. And take care of the inventory with the auditor. Or store and send your exhibition equipment. All in order for you to focus on the essentials; Sales!

Assembly work

Almost everything

DC Syd performs assembly work and repackaging on a comprehensive scale. Perhaps you have as customer suppliers in several different countries, maybe even different continents. Then it may be thankful to have a resource that will ensure that all of these components come in place. Many companies choose to still manage these tasks themselves, which can be costly if, for example, you have very seasonal products. With us, you pay only for the work we do, for example, you have the low season in the fall, so you do not have any costs during this period.

Digital solutions

WMS; reporting & traceability

Today, complete integration between e-commerce, storage systems and business systems are almost as important features as the physical puck is. It not only facilitates our handling of goods and orders, but provides both customer and consumer with valuable information about stock status and delivery. Our WMS systems are built with this in focus. We have connections made to most e-commerce platforms and most business systems. Integrations that previously took many hours are today well prepared and most problems handled. Even without integration, our web-based interface is easy for the customer to take care of. Technology that is simply easy to handle.


Vi svarar i din telefon

Eftersom vi skickar paketen, vem är då mer lämpad att svara på frågor om dessa? Eget direktnummer? Inga problem!


Vendor Managed Inventory

Låt oss sköta dina inköp, och se till att du alltid har korrekta volymer i lager. Allt efter parametrar bestämda i samråd med dig.

Kan ni FBA-preppa?

Snart ett välkänt begrepp i Sverige

Många vill sälja via Amazons plattform, men få känner till allt som krävs för att leverera dit. Vi kan detta.


Ibland behövs ett extra par ögon

Vissa brancher är känsligare än andra. Vi kan besiktiga dina produkter efter era specifikationer. Så att kunden alltid får en fullgod produkt.


Papper, papper, papper...

Låt oss sköta deklerationshanteringen, momsredovisningen och allt annat som har med import och export att göra. Vi har rutinerna

Thanks to our well-established routines, cost-effective premises and favorable location, we can offer you affordable solutions. Contact us and we will analyze your needs and return with a quotation proposal!